i know think pieces have been written about the problematic nature of the movie ‘lucy’ but yeah no that “do you speak english” scene really troubled me

like how dare this entitled white bitch shoot a taxi driver because he doesn’t speak english? in a country where english is not even the primary language? fuck scarlet johansen tbh

wow no, fuck you for hating the actress for acting. Yes, that scene is fucked up, no shit, but the actress is just doing her job.

yasss miss ma’am. read me!

kinda bummed my relationship didn’t make it to my birthday. i wonder what kinda gift i would have received but i guess the true gift is not being with a manipulative man-child

I’m not interesting in dating but I am interested in sexual contact however I don’t care too much for causal sex so I am in a bind

speaking of michael rappaport i hate him and that movie with him dating that black girl from blade makes me angry

this ol red head thang at work thinks he has some kinda jon b rapport with black women and he looks like a red head michael rappaport with some big thug passion tattoo on his neck I’m sure doubles as some kinda white power code every full moon

i didn’t see nearly as many 50 shades posts in the years the series has been out as i have since the trailer came out